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Ski lessons


A private ski lesson is the best way for you to develop your own personal skiing.

This way, I can personalise the way I teach you to get the most improvement from your skiing.

Developing the skills and tactics that you need to become a more confident skier. Helped by using the right slopes that will accelerate your learning. 

Skiing is all about being able to travel all over the mountains and have fun in a beautiful environment.

I can work with you to develop any aspect of your skiing. Learn to ski steeps, icy slopes, polish your piste performance to rip up the groomers or simply let me show you the nicest slopes for you to gain your confidence.

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Ski lessons
Childrens lessons

Childrens lessons

I can provide private ski lessons for children from 5 years upwards. Skiing on the magic carpet with your little one's where you can watch and support them learn. I find fun ways to teach through playing games whilst progressing their skiing and getting them around the mountain. I can also provide lessons for older teens, learning to carve or an introduction to off-piste. 

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Learn to ski off piste

Skiing off-piste is a lot of fun! Enjoy the beauty of nature away from the crowds in an untouched environment. The peace and serenity of the backcountry with picturesque views, what's not to like?! Off-piste skiing demands a higher fitness level, more skill, and ability. I can help you learn techniques and tactics to ski the whole mountain and find the best snow conditions. It's great to challenge your skiing and find endless fun in the mountains. I can teach you how to use the safety equipment you need; transceiver, shovel, and probe and give you confidence using these whether its the first time of the hundredth time.

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Off Piste

Adaptive/ disabled skiing

I'm a firm believer that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the rush of skiing. So whatever your disability is, I will give you the opportunity to come skiing. With a huge progression in technical equipment over the last decade, whether you have a visual impairment, are an amputee or you are a wheelchair user, you can still enjoy the mountains.  I can help you learn and progress towards independent skiing in a safe and supportive environment. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and have a chat about your specific needs.  

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Adaptive / Disabled

Come with me on an adventure

If you have anywhere you would like to visit, I can organise bespoke trips with instruction and guiding upon request.


Recent trips I have been on include France, Italy, Austria, Norway, China, Japan and Morroco. I can cater for any group size and will use additional instructors or guides where appropriate to ensure you receive the best experience possible.


With my experience of planning trips, I can take the hassle out of your next adventure. You choose the place and I'll do the rest!

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